In Light Of Covid-19, We're Hosting The Handmade Business Summit Again To Help Combat Cabin Fever. .
Suffering From Cabin Fever? Now's The Perfect Time To Learn A New Skill...
14 Of The Worlds Top Experts Share How To Earn Money From Your Passion For Crochet & Knitting (or any handmade hobby) And Launch Your Own Handmade Business
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Suffering From Cabin Fever? Now's The Perfect Time To Learn A New Skill...
Join us at the Handmade Business Summit to learn new skills and perfect others.
Sign Up To Attend This Online 2-Day Event  FREE Here
What Is The Handmade Business Summit?
Whether your goal is to earn an extra $100 a month or to generate a full time income, our goal with this summit is to help you do just that.
The Handmade Business Summit Is a 2-day virtual event during which over 14 crochet and knit business experts are going to teach you how to start and grow a handmade business.
Those are not your typical “gurus”. We have picked not only the most successful handmade business experts, but the best TEACHER out there. These experts practice what they preach and are going to show you what's working RIGHT NOW in the handmade business world.
This is the BIGGEST and BEST online summit for starting a handmade business. Don't miss it!
Blogger & Owner Of & Creator Of The Crochet & Knit Bundles
I'm the owner of the blog

I've always had a passion for making, DIY and the fiber arts. In 2015 I started my blog and within a year it was earning a full-time income as well as happily employing other makers.

Launching a business doesn't need to take forever or be a constant struggle. I decided to host this summit so I could share my own journey with you and bring you the best experts in the handmade business space!
Handmade Business Summit Speakers Have Been Featured in...
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All Interviews go live on the day specified at 10am Eastern (New York City Time)
Knitting Classes
Pam Grice
Mindset & How To Set The Expectation For Success
  •  How to create the habit for success
  • ​ What is a success feedback loop and how to use it to your advantage
  • ​ Steps to follow to turn this summit into an action plan for your business
  • ​ How to develop the confidence you can do this!
Jessica Venture
How to design & sell your own patterns
  • The importance of carving out a ‘niche’ in your business and how it helped Jessica grow.
  • ​ Advantages to designing your own patterns
  • ​ Jessicas process for testing her patterns after they’re written
  • ​ Ask - how Jessica used a simple technique to connect with her audience and figure out exactly what they want (and what they were prepared to buy). 
Heidi Gustad
How to overcome imposter syndrome when launching your handmade business
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome - the feeling you’re not good enough to have a handmade business
  • ​The first step Heidi recommends when starting a handmade business
  • ​ Why starting a business despite feeling under-qualified is a good idea 
  • ​The best strategies to avoid over-extending & under estimating yourself 
  • ​Resources Heidi used when starting her own handmade business 
Krista Ann
Travel The World & Get Paid To Have Your Knit & Crochet Projects Featured In T.V & Movies
  •  How to get your designs featured on tv shows & movies
  • What is a pattern submission and how to complete one to get your designs featured on magazines and websites
  •  Pattern rights- what are they and how to navigate this area  
  •  Earn money traveling while crocheting? Discover how Krista does it
  •  Love the fiber arts? Why not write for a publication and earn from your passion doing so
  •  How to get your first teaching gig at a local yarn shop and get paid!
Brianna Iaropoli
How to grow your audience by becoming a sampler knitter or crocheter
  • What is a test crocheter or knitter & how do you get paid?
  •  How to get a job as a tester even if you don’t have any experience
  •  Why becoming a tester is a great way to grow your audience and build your network of other successful business owners
  •  A list of criteria Briana uses to select her testers
  •  The place place to find tester jobs 
  •  A list of tips to increase your chances of getting selected 
Lindsey Stephens
How to earn an income as a tech editor
  • What is a tech editor? 
  •  A list of skills you need to become a test editor
  •  How to earn between $20-40 an hour using this skill
  •  The best process for getting experience when you get started
  •  How to find your first jobs as a tech editor
Pam Grice
How to sell your products at craft fairs and ACTUALLY earn a profit
  •  How Pam earns upwards of $4,000 per craft fair she participates in
  •  How to find the right craft fair for your products (not all fairs are created equally)
  •  The difference between juried and non juried craft shows and why this can make a HUGE difference
  •  Your booth design - Pams best tips for optimizing your booth design to improve sales
  •  Pricing - Pricing your products wrong will cost you time and money and will drive your business into the ground. Discover Pams pricing strategy that has been perfected into an exact science
  •  Inventory & selection - What’s the right number of products to bring to a craft show?
  •  Getting paid - how to easily accept payments at craft fairs
Growing Your Business - Traffic & Sales
Alexandra Travel
How to use etsy to sell your patterns or finished handmade products
  •  What is Etsy and how to use it to sell your patterns, finished projects and more
  •  The step-by-step process for signing up to Etsy and creating your store
  •  Launching your first listing - Alexandra shows you exactly how to do this
  •  The importance of selecting great keywords that will help your products get found in Etsys search engine
  •  The 3 biggest mistakes new Etsy Sellers make when starting an Etsy store
  •  The 30 day step-by-step plan for launching your store and getting your first sale

Jess Coppom
How to launch a craft blog
  • The benefits of starting a craft blog & why you should start one
  •  Competition - It’s not a bad thing, and there is a space for you (it’s not too late to start your blog).
  •  The very first step to take when launching your blog
  •  What is a domain name and how to pick one that will enhance your business
  •  Hosting and themes -what are these and why are they important (and not as complicated as you may think).
  •  The best blogging platform to use to grow a business
  •  Tools used to grow her business
Brittany Lynch
How To Create A Webpage In Under An Hour (With No Technical Skills) That Converts Visitors Into
Buyers For Your Handmade Business
  • Brittany will give you a complete done-for-you webpage that you can get up and running in under an hour, with no technical skills (or frustration)
  •  This webpage normally sells for $197, but those who register for the tele-summit will get it free 
  •  She'll show you how to use this one tool which will save you hundreds of dollars in your business, replace all your frustrating technology and make your life easier (and only costs as little as $19/month).
  •  The importance of building a webpage that converts visitors into buyers (and why most handmade business experts get this wrong).
Nicole Riley
How to use facebook to grow your traffic & audience
  •  How to use facebook to grow your audience and earn more revenue
  •  What is a facebook page, why you need one & how to create one (step-by-step visual demonstration)
  •  How Nicole uses Facebook pages to grow her businesses revenue
  •  Facebook ads - what are they and whether you should use them
  •  The best place on Facebook to find your first 1000 fans 
  •  How to use facebook page analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t and improve going forward 
Toni Lipsey
How to grow your audience & make sales using Instagram
  •  How to use instagram to grow your crochet or knit business
  •  The advantages of converting your instagram account to a business page
  •  How to be yourself and use your personality as an advantage in your business
  •  How to come up with ideas for posts, videos and stores
  •  What are hashtags and how to use them to help your audience grow 
  •  How to use Call To Actions on Instagram and convert your audience into sales
  •  Why having a large following doesn’t necessarily translate into sales and making your audience count, regardless of size
Tamara Kelly
How to build sponsorship with yarn companies
  •  What is a yarn sponsorship and how it can help you score FREE yarn
  •  A typical yarn sponsorship deal -what it looks like and how to get one
  •  How to find brands to work with & why smaller yarn companies are often the best companies to reach out to
  •  The best strategy for reaching out to brands and securing your first yarn sponsorship
  •  How to learn from rejections and leverage those rejections into valuable relationships down the line
  •  The best way to develop relationships with bloggers and influencers & why this will help your business grow
Brittany B. Hooked
Time Management & Productivity
  •  How this one woman show is able to produce a weekly podcast, video, and create new designs on her blog by herself all while maintaining a positive work life balance
  •  How to prioritize what needs to get done each day, week and month
  •  How to use time blocking to get more done with less effort
  •  Why it's so important to have a separate work area for your business in your home
  •  Improve this one area of your health and productivity will increase drastically 
  •  Brittanys favorite tools she uses to stay organized and get more done each day
Sarah - Jayne Of Bella Coco
How To Launch A Youtube Channel
  •  With over 500,000 subscribers to her crochet youtube channel Sarah-Jayne discusses how to earn money with Youtube 
  •  A list of equipment you need to get started
  •  How to set-up your first youtube channel
  •  Search engine optimization for youtube - what is it and is it important? 
  •  Where to get inspiration for your videos
  •  Post-productions: Tips for editing your video
  •  How to promote your channel and getting your first views
The Handmade Business Summit 
14 of the worlds best crochet and knitting business experts come together to hand you over the SECRETS behind building a handmade business. No matter where you live or where you are starting!
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Frequently Asked Questions
 Where does this summit take place?
The handmade business summit takes place online and you can watch it 100% from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to watch all the videos online. 
 How many speakers will there be? 
We have 14 amazing handmade knit and crochet business experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.
 Will I be able to watch recordings if I can’t attend live? 
Yes you sure can, but you’ll need to make sure you upgrade your free pass. You’ll have the option to do that on the next page, after you claim you’re free ticket. 
 How is this summit different?  
All of our speakers are truly running a handmade business. They all have different journeys for starting and achieving success in their business and you’ll be getting step-by-step knowledge and resources straight from their mouth.
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