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How Would It Feel To Start Making Money From Your Handmade Items THIS Week?
Our 14 guest experts share their insider tips, tricks and tools they used to turn their hobby into a full time profitable business! 
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BONUS class - How to take photos that sell your patterns or projects - $97 value
Taking good photos of your products is absolutely essential for selling your items online. Without great product photos, no one will feel like buying your crafts. In fact, it’s the first thing that potential customers look at and within seconds they instantly make a “yes” or “no” decision. Make sure yours is a yes! We’ll show you how to set up a mini affordable studio in your own home. You’ll even learn how to take great and well lit photos on your iphone! 
  • How to take professional photos with your Phone or camera you already have
  •  The best backgrounds/backdrop to use to showcase your products and make them look interesting
  •  How to create professional looking lighting
  •  How to stage your crochet/knit times
  •  The best angles to take your pictures / angle ideas
  •  Simple editing tweaks you can make to make your photos look even better
PLUS worksheets and checklists - $97 value 
We want to support you as best as we possibly can, so that you truly integrate all these value packed teachings. And then - most importantly - so that you go and IMPLEMENT them! These bonus worksheets and checklists will help you stay organized and accountable as you take big action steps towards making money through your passion.
Here are all the value packed worksheets you’ll gain instant access too:
  • Product Pricing worksheet 
  •  Handmade Business monthly Goals Worksheet 
  •  Social media calendar template & planner  
  •  Time tracker  
  •  Blog post worksheet - post title, publish date, call to action, category, brainstorming, outline, graphics, set keywords, checklist 
  •  Blog post editorial calendar worksheet 
  •  The ultimate list of hashtags to use on instagram for crocheters and knitters  
  •  Launching your craft blog checklist  
  •  Creating a facebook page checklist  
  •  Creating an instagram account checklist   
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What’s Covered In The Handmade Business Summit
Where do we even begin? This is the first time ever that 13 TOP industry experts have all come together online with the sole purpose of helping and supporting YOU in making money through your knitting and crochet. How cool is that?
Here’s just some of the topics we cover….
How To Sell Your Products At Craft Fairs
Pamela Grice Will Help You Turn Your Passion Into Profits.
She went from making $12 at one craft fair, to having a $100,000 month. Yes, she made that much from her handmade business in just one month! Would you like to experience that too? She’ll show you how!
How To Earn Money Online On Etsy
You don’t even have to leave the house and travel to craft fairs in order to make money. Thanks to the top tools that Alexandra Travel will share with you, you can start selling your products online from the comfort of your own home. This is an incredible way to build a supplemental business or grow a full-time career.
How To Design And Sell Your Patterns
There are multiple ways to make money through your handmade business. And Jessica Venture from will help you think outside the box. Would you like to create multiple streams of income?
How To Monetize Your Blog
Jess Coppom and Brittany Lynch have both built successful and profitable blogs that make them money every day. This is a brilliant way to share your passion with the world and still get paid for it. They’ll guide you through how they did it.
How To Use Instagram And Facebook To Grow Your Business
Don’t worry if the tech side of things scare you. Our two social media experts will put you at ease and share with you how they built a loyal fan-base of customers through these free platforms. They’ll show you how to find your target audience, use hashtags and share your authentic and beautiful self online!
How To Build Yarn Sponsorship
Free yarn sponsorship anyone? Imagine being given free yarn and even getting paid for it! There are so many great opportunities out there for you! Tamra from will show you how she helps to support her family through her own online handmade business.
Mindset Hacks To Get Your Head In The Game
Do you struggle with imposter syndrome and worry that nobody will take your business seriously? Heidi Gustad from will help you bust through these fears.
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