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Have you ever wondered: “Can I do something fun like a handmade hobby and somehow earn extra income from it?”

THE ANSWER IS YES! Here’s how I know:
We interviewed 10 successful handmade business owners with a variety of specialties: crocheting, knitting, soap making, statement earring designing, custom bracelet making, sewing, quilting, woodworking AND rug hooking.

Each of them started from scratch. They had an interest in a hobby and a desire to find out if they could earn a little extra. **Many of them started with the goal of just covering the cost of their supplies!

But now they all have THOUSANDS IN SALES from their handmade products! How did they do it? We asked!
      "Knowing what you know now, if you had to start a NEW business from scratch, what would you do to 
      make your first $100 in just 30 days?”
In each of the 10 interview videos you’ll find a clear step-by-step roadmap to success! Here’s a sneak peek:
  • Amanda of Amanda Houston Designs suggests: On day 1, take some time to dream. Write down your vision of “success” for your business. 
  • ​Kristin of Coffee Bean Knitting suggests: On day 2, secure an email account & domain name.
  • ​Hannah & Sam’s of Coco’s Beads & Co. suggest: On day 16, create business cards and contact information for yourself
  • ​Amber of AM Happy Soap suggests: On day 18, secure your username on Instagram and brainstorm your first 6 posts.
On top of the daily tasks outlined & demonstrated by each crafter, you’ll also pick up on nuggets of knowledge that each of them has learned through trial & error. You’ll save time, money & energy by skipping their mistakes! For example:
  • Hayley of Loop by Loop Designs demonstrates a free “drag & drop” design tool for professional-looking marketing materials 
  • Evan of Cypress DesignWorks shares how to utilize a variety of different packaging/shipping services to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Debbie of Tea Hill Cottage explains how to bargain hunt for product/packaging supplies
  • ​Ingrid of Joe, June & Mae shares ​how to utilize social media to connect with your audience and grow your business in an impactful way
  • ​Mariana of Kaju Creations explains why it’s important to gather email addresses from your customers to build your newsletter list and how to promote signing up for you newsletter
And this is just the tip of the iceberg! You can start earning AT LEAST $100 from a handmade hobby — and these interview classes will show you how! 

**Regardless of your hobby type, the insights offered by these talented, passionate & successful crafters are bound to inspire & enlighten you. Their words of wisdom are relevant to ALL handmade products!  

Speaking of general (and amazingly helpful) handmade business knowledge, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll find in the 4 ADDITIONAL bonus videos: 
  • Bonus #1: Business Logistics 101 — Licensing & accounting stuff doesn’t have to be so scary! Learn accounting basics for your handmade business from a reputable CPA & entrepreneur advisor who breaks down what to do & when to do it to legitimize your business (and avoid tax audits).
  • Bonus #2: The Power of Packaging — A “present-like” experience = loyal & repeat customers! Pick up packaging tips from a professional designer and the author of the best-selling handmade business book, “Packaging Your Crafts: Creative Ideas for Crafters, Artists, Bakers, & More” in this video class.
  • Bonus #3: Holiday Tips — Make the season monetarily merry! Learn tried & true tips from handmade business owners on how to maximize your holiday season in this video class. You’ll learn how to boost your sales, keep up with the influx in orders AND find the right work/life balance during the exciting rush
  • Bonus #4: How to Generate Sales — Take it from someone who is earning a 7-figure income and reached 100K+ followers on Instagram in less than 3 years with his handmade product! In this video class you’ll hear what he did & how he did it, so you can do it too. He demonstrates his tools for success step-by-step! 
Ready to get started? Then go ahead and add the “Hobby to Handmade Income Bonuses” to your order for just $37 now.
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